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The first step in verifying the owner's project requirements (OPR) is to review the plans and specifications that have been prepared by the owner. This review focuses on establishing that all aspects of the project are properly specified, including scope, budget, timeline, materials and any other necessary criteria for a successful completion. Additionally, this review includes verification of any applicable codes or regulations that may affect the overall success of the project. The purpose of this review is to confirm all requirements are met before construction begins and that there are no discrepancies or issues which could lead to delays or additional costs for completion.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility analysis is a process that helps organizations assess the viability, practicality, and risks and benefits of a project or idea. This process assists businesses in determining the most cost-effective and practical solutions for implementation. Through cost, engineering and design analysis, a feasibility study helps organizations make informed decisions and increase the likelihood of successful project completion.

Energy Efficiency

We offer comprehensive energy efficiency solutions to help businesses and organizations reduce their energy consumption. Our services include energy modeling, energy audits, energy-saving technologies and practices, customized energy conservation plans, energy management services, energy benchmarking, financial analysis of utility incentives and rebate programs, and energy efficiency training and materials.

Task Schedule

We develop task schedules for organizations - an essential tool for project management. It outlines specific tasks, an organization's timelines, necessary resources, and personnel responsible for completion. It helps ensure deadlines are met and tasks are done in an efficient and effective manner.